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Astronomy 101


AST101: Our Corner of the Universe


About the course

Astronomy 101, Our Corner of the Universe, is devoted to an understanding of the solar system and our place in it. We will discuss our Earth, the Sun and the Moon, and the planets. We will also deal with simple aspects of the sky, including observations. You will be required to think about how we have gained such a sophisticated understanding of this part of the Universe, not simply to learn the currently accepted facts. In the process, we hope you will better appreciate the nature of scientific inquiry and its human elements.

Required Textbooks

The following books are required for the course:

  1. Investigating Astronomy: A Conceptual View of the Universe, by Slater and Freedman. (W.H. Freeman & Company.) ISBN-13 978-1429210638. This is textbook for the class and the syllabus will contain required reading from this text.

  2. Lecture Tutorials for Introductory Astronomy, 3nd edition. Prather, Slater, Adams and Brissenden. (Addison-Wesley/Pearson.) ISBN-13 978-0321820464. You will need a new copy of this book and will need to bring this book to all lectures.

Homework will be assigned using the Mastering Astronomy on line homework system at www.masteringastronomy.com. You will need to purchase a student access code to use the site. This is included in the workbook bundle, or can be purchased separately from the Mastering Astronomy web site. Access instructions will be in the syllabus.

You will need a new copy of the workbook Lecture Tutorials for Introductory Astronomy as this contains exercises that you will complete in class.

Note: If you purchase the books separately, you must make sure that you purchase all of these items (including Mastering Astronomy) otherwise you will not be able to complete lab and homework assignments.

Registering for Fall 2013

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If you are having problems registering for the class or labs, please contact Patricia Whitmore in Room 111, Physics Building, email pawhitmo@syr.edu, or phone 315-443-5958.

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Prof. Duncan Brown
Room 263-1, Physics Building